I am lagging behind in this blog challenge yet again, but i am happy I am more regular in writing posts, every little step counts 🙂

Honestly, today’s post is challenging for me to write as I really do not think there is anything I had never done. I love how life has given me the best of all 🙂 But, just for this blog post if I have to switch gears and think differently here’s what I wish I had  had differently ( I am tweaking this post a little bit)

1.  I wish I were a doctor or an artist  instead of a Registered Dietitian

2. I wish I had some money of my own ( ya ya my husband’s money is my money etc, but its more fun earning your own money and being able to spend it on good causes or things you like to do )

3. I wish I had valued the beautiful city of Ratnagiri more when I was schooling there. I miss my home town so very much

4. I wish I had continued to take music lessons even after I moved to Bombay

5. I wish I had eaten more healthy during my hostel days. I would mostly eat stuff with no nutritional value whatsoever

6. I wish I had the liberty to fly down to Ratnagiri to see my parents whenever I want too..