1. Car accidents: I am so scared of driving because of accidents. I have had three accidents in the past ( luckily none of them were serious) but I cannot forget the day when me and my mom were riding an Activa in Ratnagiri and a rickshaw driver hit us which caused head injury (superficial) to my mom and she started bleeding- 2 handkerchief’s of blood. This year also I met with an accident , although the car had major injury I had none

2. Getting a job: As much as I am enjoying my current time pursuing hobbies, I cannot wait to work. The thought that when will I get a job crosses my mind a lot

3. Becoming a mom: This thought crosses my mind more often now, didn’t happen much earlier as I was very busy with my academics

4. My brother’s wedding: When will he get married? often crosses my mind. I am really looking forward to enjoy his wedding

5. Getting a green card: Its been 4 years I am in the US and my husband has been here for almost ten years and we still don’t have a green card. Having a green card would give us security and make our life so much easier

6. Losing weight: I am sure this thought crosses not only my minds but most people do think about this often

7. I can’t think of another one at the moment..