I haven’t been able to post for the longest time. Not that I haven’t written anything, but my assignments surely wouldn’t make interesting topics for a blog post! My school schedule has been crazy. It keeps me busy all day week long, leaving me no time for leisure activities. I have to keep reminding myself that “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s been the same with exercising, sleeping, eating etc.Life has been mundane…

I am usually not very excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day. But I guess sometimes it necessary to break the monotony of life and do something special for the person you love! So, I decided to bake Eggless Chocó-Vanilla cupcakes for my husband. Little did I know, my husband was thinking along the same lines! A beautiful card and cute box of chocolates was hidden under my pillow. It truly made me feel special…


Oven fresh cup cakes


Some icing and dairymilk shavings!


Card and box of chocolates


Orchids were gifted on my birthday

Did my husband like the cupcakes? Yes, he loved them!! But to be honest, there was an error, I added a bit too much of cooking soda and they tasted soapy.Ewwww!!!! that was my reaction, when I took a bite!

I guess he didnt say anything becuase he appreciated the effort more than the taste!