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3 turn -ons

1. Well dressed people 2. People who can sing well, dance, play any kind of musical instrument  can impress me really quick 3. People who smell good ( light fragrances)

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4 turn-offs

1. People who have their whole life updated on social media. Where they are travelling, hotel they are staying at, food they are eating, what the bought on their shopping spree, their lip color, their outfits etc. STOP!!! Why would I be interested in the details of your lives 2. People with bad breath! Just can’t stand them 3. People who think too high of themselves and put others down 4. People who burp out loud after a meal, those who pick their noses and those who...

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6 things I wish I had done never done

I am lagging behind in this blog challenge yet again, but i am happy I am more regular in writing posts, every little step counts 🙂 Honestly, today’s post is challenging for me to write as I really do not think there is anything I had never done. I love how life has given me the best of all 🙂 But, just for this blog post if I have to switch gears and think differently here’s what I wish I had  had differently ( I am tweaking this post a little bit) 1.  I wish I were a doctor or an artist  instead of a Registered Dietitian 2. I wish I had some money of my own ( ya ya my husband’s money is my money etc, but its more fun earning your own money and being able to spend it on good causes or things you like to do ) 3. I wish I had valued the beautiful city of Ratnagiri more when I was schooling there. I miss my home town so very much 4. I wish I had continued to take music lessons even after I moved to Bombay 5. I wish I had eaten more healthy during my hostel days. I would mostly eat stuff with no nutritional value whatsoever 6. I wish I had the liberty to fly down to Ratnagiri to see my parents whenever I want...

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7 things that cross my mind a lot..

1. Car accidents: I am so scared of driving because of accidents. I have had three accidents in the past ( luckily none of them were serious) but I cannot forget the day when me and my mom were riding an Activa in Ratnagiri and a rickshaw driver hit us which caused head injury (superficial) to my mom and she started bleeding- 2 handkerchief’s of blood. This year also I met with an accident , although the car had major injury I had none 2. Getting a job: As much as I am enjoying my current time pursuing hobbies, I cannot wait to work. The thought that when will I get a job crosses my mind a lot 3. Becoming a mom: This thought crosses my mind more often now, didn’t happen much earlier as I was very busy with my academics 4. My brother’s wedding: When will he get married? often crosses my mind. I am really looking forward to enjoy his wedding 5. Getting a green card: Its been 4 years I am in the US and my husband has been here for almost ten years and we still don’t have a green card. Having a green card would give us security and make our life so much easier 6. Losing weight: I am sure this thought crosses not only my minds but most people do think about this often 7. I can’t think of another one at the...

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