Blog Challenge

8 ways to win my heart..

I missed on writing post no.3 yesterday as I was visiting my aunt. So here’s the post a day late 1. Flowers: Like most people, I love to receive flowers and bouquets , they make my day. My man is very well aware of this, however I need to tell you an incident. Being a Jain, he proposed to me using a plastic rose. I felt happy but would have felt happier if it was a real red rose. I didn’t want to heart his feelings and so never said...

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9 things about myself..

Today’s challenge post is nine thing about myself. The about section says a lot about me like I am a Registered Dietitian, love to paint, love chai tea, love travelling etc but I am going to think of 9 things that you don’t know about me. 1.I have a tough time drinking milk. I hate its smell and taste, and I am a vegetarian and above all a Registered Dietitian! I have started liking soymilk now and drink it almost daily and yes it...

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10 things I want to say

I start my blog challenge today onwards. I was busy painting last week and had my creative energies directed there. My first post of the blog challenge ” Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now” 1. To the Almighty: Thank you so much for everything. I feel like I am one of your favorite child. I hope I get a job soon and with part of the money I earn, I can help those in need in small ways. 2. To my late...

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Blog challenge

This year, I haven’t been able to write much because of my full-time dietetic internship and Registered Dietitian Exam. Now that things have relaxed a bit for me, I wanted to get back into the mode of writing again. So, I am going to take up this challenge of writing 10 posts. The last time I took this kind of a challenge was in July 2013 for the whole month and I fared quite well. Here goes the...

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Day 31: 30 things..

I can’t believe, I have been succesful at keeping this challenge. It was a bit difficult, but I manged to do it Me and my husband often have this conversation, that we need to slow down in life a bit and enjoy before we get old.  Then, our conversation took a turn to things we would like to do before turning old. For my husband, turning old means 30! He will turn 30 next year, but I luckily have 2.5 years. So, I came with a list of 30...

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Day 30: 5 favorite things…

Each one of us have some favorite things  we cannot do without.  For me, these things are as follows: 1. A small cotton pillow: As far as I remember I have that pillow with me whereever I go. My grandma made it from cotton that was grown in our very own fields of Mazgaon. I carried that pillow when I left for Mumbai. Thereafter, I carried it with me even after getting married and moving in with my in-laws, then to California. I also carried it...

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