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8 ways to win my heart..

I missed on writing post no.3 yesterday as I was visiting my aunt. So here’s the post a day late 1. Flowers: Like most people, I love to receive flowers and bouquets , they make my day. My man is very well aware of this, however I need to tell you an incident. Being a Jain, he proposed to me using a plastic rose. I felt happy but would have felt happier if it was a real red rose. I didn’t want to heart his feelings and so never said anything at that time. After 6 months into marriage I finally decided to mention it to him. He told the reason behind this, being a jainism (religion) followers he didn’t want to pluck flowers to please me. But keeping in mind my love for flowers he gifted me a beautiful plant for my birthday and , an orchid plant on Valentine’s and mums for housewarming party. I was beyond elated 🙂 2. Cooking: I love to eat good, authentic food- vegetarian of course! I don’t want to go ga-ga over my husband but he did win my heart the day he cooked a nice meal for me. In-spite limited cooking skills he made me pavbhaji and chole. Both dishes were well made 3. Being in the nature: Rather than shopping malls, rock shows, senseless bollywood movies I like to spend time walking in the nature, hiking etc 4.Hygiene: I get easily repelled with unhygenic people, you know the ones who keep digging their noses, ears! Eww! I don’t even want to elaborate on this point. 5.Dimples: People with a good dimpled smile win my heart easily, this of course includes my husband 6. Humor: My dad, husband, mom (these days) are fun-loving, humorous people who make me smile and laugh and I love to be around in their company 7. Being creative: People with hobbies such as those in addition to their profession also excel in either singing, dancing, playing music etc can easily win my heart. I admire such people 8. The last one is the easiest – A good cup of chai tea is a sure shot way to my...

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9 things about myself..

Today’s challenge post is nine thing about myself. The about section says a lot about me like I am a Registered Dietitian, love to paint, love chai tea, love travelling etc but I am going to think of 9 things that you don’t know about me. 1.I have a tough time drinking milk. I hate its smell and taste, and I am a vegetarian and above all a Registered Dietitian! I have started liking soymilk now and drink it almost daily and yes it is calcium and vitamin D fortified  🙂 2. I love to walk, I can keep walking as long as I have a comfortable pair of shoes. 3. As a child, I would always tell my parents that I want to display my art work at an art gallery or participate in some kind of an art exhibition. I feel like it is going to happen in next 2-3 years 4. I have a great sense of smell , taste and hearing. My husband jokingly tells me that the sense is so great that it needs to get insured soon. 5. I can imitate people pretty well 6. I always wanted to become a doctor, I love medicine, but destiny had different plans for me and I landed up being a Registered Dietitian. 7. I have double MS degree- both in the field of nutrition and dietetics ( One from SNDT India and one from San Jose State University, California) 8. I tend to underestimate myself at times and I am biggest critique of myself 9. I am a loner, I didn’t know this about myself up until now. I like people but I am very uncomfortable around them. It would seem contradictory you had met me because in a way I can easily strike up a conversation with people from any age group but I always tend to get overwhelmed when I have guests around. I suddenly start feeling like I need my space and want to things at my...

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10 things I want to say

I start my blog challenge today onwards. I was busy painting last week and had my creative energies directed there. My first post of the blog challenge ” Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now” 1. To the Almighty: Thank you so much for everything. I feel like I am one of your favorite child. I hope I get a job soon and with part of the money I earn, I can help those in need in small ways. 2. To my late grandfather (dada): Not a single day passes by without remembering you. Thank you so much for loving us all children with all your heart. I miss the times we spent together and I wish you were here today to see your sinhaadi (that’s how he pronounced my name) married, settled in the US and driving a Blue Honda Civic 🙂 During my dada’s last few days he would always talk about buying a blue Honda Civic. At that time, little did I know that I would end up marrying a man in the US who owns one. Its the most basic car one can have here in the US, but what makes it so special for me is that it is my husband’s first car & it was my dada’s dream to own one. 3. To my parents: Thank you for making me what I am today. Thank you for sending me to Mumbai to pursue further studies ( which helped me shape my life)  and allowing me to lead my life the way I wanted ( allowing me to choose my career, my decision to work, my decision to marry sagar and come to the US). 4. To my brother: Relax and let things take their own course. Don’t resist changes in your life as few years down the line you will it all happened for a good reason. 5. To my husband: Thank you for your unconditional love and support. I am lucky to have you as my husband. 6. To President Obama: Please pass the H4 EAD rule, I cannot wait to live my American dream. After all, I have worked hard to get my MS and become a Registered Dietitian and want to improve the health of  your people and help Americans prevent chronic disease and help the country save dollars spent on healthcare 🙂 7. To hospitals, food companies, school nutrition services: Hire me! You will never regret this decision 🙂 8. To my husband’s boss: Please work towards getting a work-life balance for your employees. 9. To my friends in Japan: We miss seeing you guys. Last week we saw this movie “Memoirs of A...

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Blog challenge

This year, I haven’t been able to write much because of my full-time dietetic internship and Registered Dietitian Exam. Now that things have relaxed a bit for me, I wanted to get back into the mode of writing again. So, I am going to take up this challenge of writing 10 posts. The last time I took this kind of a challenge was in July 2013 for the whole month and I fared quite well. Here goes the...

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Day 31: 30 things..

I can’t believe, I have been succesful at keeping this challenge. It was a bit difficult, but I manged to do it 🙂 Me and my husband often have this conversation, that we need to slow down in life a bit and enjoy before we get old.  Then, our conversation took a turn to things we would like to do before turning old. For my husband, turning old means 30! He will turn 30 next year, but I luckily have 2.5 years. So, I came with a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish, before I turn 30. Run a 10k/ half marathon Plant a garden (Summer 2014) Learn how to Photoshop Learn Spanish (Spring 2014- ongoing) Paint good, large oil paintings that can be mounted in the house (Dec 2014- Jan 2015) Learn to paint with watercolor and finish a outdoor painting (Summer of 2015) Complete a walk for Susan Komen breast cancer awareness Be an active volunteer in an organization I am passionate about Launch a startup Become  a Mom Hike half dome, Yosemite See Ka show in Vegas (Summer 2014, enjoyed two shows Ka and Mystere) Serve a village in India Pay for a child’s education in India (2012 and 2013- Veeraytan) Take piano lessons ( Summer 2014 began online lessons) Get a job as an RD ( July 2015 as soon as I received my work permit) Read books Visit veerayatan Visit Rajasthan Go on a road trip ( We took several trips in and outside of US including short road trips to 17 mile Drive, Big Sur, LA, San Diego, Pismo, SLO etc) Lean embroidery and make cushion  cover ( Made a anchor stitch frame to be hung in my house) Own tiffany and co necklace ( Bought myself a gold pearl pendant and a gold chain during my India trip early of 2017) Set a good skincare routine Visit Newyork Master the art of meditation Create a photoframe with good pics and family pics/ create photocollage for display on wall (Got a frame with my and hubby’s good pics in 2017, need to include family pics soon) Get a professional photoshoot of me and sagar ( Got this done in 2014-2015 at the Alum Rock State Park but did not have a good experience) Visit cancun/ Hawaii!  (December 2013 visited Hawaii) Perfect “daal baati” – a popular Rajasthani dish! Join a swimming club to go for regular swims ( Joined Milpitas sports club and went swimming couple times but did not enjoy the darkening of the skin and hair texture due to chlorine water and decided to enjoy swimming while on vacation only as opposed to regular exercise form until I...

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Day 30: 5 favorite things…

Each one of us have some favorite things  we cannot do without.  For me, these things are as follows: 1. A small cotton pillow: As far as I remember I have that pillow with me whereever I go. My grandma made it from cotton that was grown in our very own fields of Mazgaon. I carried that pillow when I left for Mumbai. Thereafter, I carried it with me even after getting married and moving in with my in-laws, then to California. I also carried it with me to Japan for a couple months and it is still with me. I love how soft it is, I sleep cozily with that pillow of my ears to cut off all the noises 🙂 By the way, it also has a cover stitched by my grandmother. I think she made that pillow cover from one of my old frocks. My grandmother is very creative and knows how to use old stuff and make it into new. Probably, that generation just knew the importance of recycling! 2. Kajal pencil: I am in absolute love with kajal. Everytime I step out of my house, I have to have to wear it! Although I am yet to find non-smudge kajal. I love the maybelline and eyeconic lakme pencils I bought from India. For some reason, people here don’t wear kohl on their bottom lids, may be its a Indian thing to do. If I ever forget to wear it, my husband reminds me 🙂 may be he likes it on me too 🙂 3.Water: We all know that our body is made of 70% to 80% of water, blah, blah! I get thirsty all the time and no other drink in the world can quench my thirst like water does. As a child, I was never fond of any kind of colas, juices, flavored drinks( except Rooafzah which I would have only at my friend Shweta’s place).  I love water, thats it! I can’t even imagine what will happen to all living beings when the Mother Earth runs out of all water! 4. Sationery: I love any kind of books, pencils, colors, post-it notes, dairies. As a child, I would collect a lot of these things. My mama would get a lot of stationary from his office in Dubai and I would keep them safe to make them last longer. I still have a locked dairy with a lion cub cartoon on it, which he bought me from Dubai. My mom has kept it safe 🙂 5.Chappals/shoes/sandals: I love any kind of footwear. You may think that I have many chappals, but its not true! However, everytime I see a pair of nice chappals/sandals I...

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