Day 29: Five songs or pieces of music

Today’s topic is an interesting one ‘Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use¬†¬†YouTube to include them in the post’. Here are the 5 songs that speak to me or bring back memories 1. Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hein, from Bluffmaster. This brings back the memory of me and my dad dancing to the music and hip hop steps like Abhishek Bachhan and my mom watching us and laughing her heart out!!! 2. Hold On To...

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Dholi Tarro Dhol bajje!!

Last night I had been to SEF Dandiya event at the Santa Clara Convention centre with my friends. I could feel the excitement right from the place we parked upto the grounds we danced on. The moment I walked into the hall, I knew I was in for something special. It was crowded like never before, people dressed in the best of colorful traditional attires. As I walked through the crowd trying to spot some of my friends, I could not help but notice...

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