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A few days ago, I created a Instagram account and took couple of pics as I ate my lunch and made a dessert for my husband. All my friends from facebook were on instagram, I came to think what’s the point of being on multiple social networking sites and posting same pictures all across social networking sites. I do understand that it has some additional filters,but I still deleted my account as a) I do not want to waste time taking pictures of everything I do b) I do not want to share same pics on various networking sites. I have nothing against people who do it though – as it a matter of choice.. Lately, I have been thinking our lives are becoming more complex. We waste too much time on phones (clicking pics, updating them, and checking the phones to see comments/likes, rather than enjoying the moment we are in and keeping it personal and private. I also unfriend(ed?) a lot of so called “friends” from facebook. These were the people I added because I knew them , but had no contact over so many years. Although they were on my friend’s list we never had any communication, so whats the point on keeping them on the list? Anyway, this was my first phase of friends list clean-up. A lot of people would judge me for doing so, but I had to do it. I want to share things/pics with people who are either close friends/family/professional acquaintances only! Technology has definitely taken over our lives. It does have some positives, but for now I can see a lot of negatives and want to limit its use to professional purposes only and to some extent for keeping in touch with my kins in...

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Day 26: Somthing I read online…

I can’t believe I made it to day 27. Topic for the day, “Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like” I often browse a lot and read a lot of articles on organizing, philosophical stuff, health related stuff and many other random things! Sometimes, I end up spending a lot of time browsing which often delays the other stuff that needs more attention or things on my list. I often have a habit of leaving lot of windows open such as the obvious ones, facebook, twitter, youtube, my assignments, my blog posts, nutrition post. This doesn’t let me concentrate on that “one-thing” I should be doing, having so many tabs open shortens my attention span and so I read this important article which I think everyone should read here,about being more producitve in the day. In short, that means how to avoid “Time-pass”...

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