Here I am on day 2 of my blog post challenge. I am going to educate you on something I know a lot about or something I am good at. Why? because that’s what the prompt for today is. Well, undoubtedly I am going to talk to you about  nutrition!! I have met countless health conscious people in my life ever-since I took up nutrition. Some well read and some not so well read. The problem with both sect of people is that, those who are well read overdo it in the name of health and fitness, and the not so well read blindly follow advice that appears in magazines, mails, newsletter, TV, ads and other social media.

So, whichever sect you belong too here are few things about nutrition I would like to educate you on…

1. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on buying food, neither does it mean your food is going to taste bad nor does it mean you can’t enjoy occasional treats. But, please do not make occasional treats daily food items. Cookies, cakes, pastries, chips, juices, sodas are only to be served and had in birthday parties, get together etc. It should not be your daily breakfast, snack or a dessert!

2. Eating healthy means eating local foods, foods that you have grown up eating, freshly cooked simple home-made food.

For example: Dal chawal with a dollop of ghee. Surprised, I call it a healthy meal? Don’t be! I know, I know you are thinking white rice is high in glycemic index and ghee is high in saturated fat. The only good thing is the dal. But, no you are wrong. This meal is absolutely healthy and here’s why. Both dal and rice have some amount of protein, but dal lacks essential amino acid called methionine and rice lacks essential amino acid called lysine, so when eaten together they make up for each other’s deficiencies and give us a complete source of protein. Ghee on the other aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamin such as A,D,E, and K important for vital functions of life! Ghee also blunts the blood glucose response that occurs after eating white rice. This is because the high fat content coats the rice particles and your body takes longer to digest the rice,  releasing the sugar slowly and hence the blood sugar rises slowly instead of spiking! Other reasons why it is healthy is because rice and dal is available locally, your food did not travel to you from china unlike many foods. You have grown up eating dal and rice ever since you were an infant, so how can  it suddenly become unhealthy for you? So next time if anyone tries tell you how you are eating unhealthy please educate them too 🙂

3. Exercise is very important. One must exercise everyday and it can be any form of physical activity you like. Unfortunately, these days our meals are so calorie dense that one has to workout hard by which I mean, not a stroll but a brisk walk, jogging, running etc. Yoga will improve your metabolism and flexibility but not help you burn enough calories. If you eat simple meals like I mentioned above yoga will help you maintain weight. But, if you are looking at weight loss you need to workout hard.

4. Buying organic is great but do not go crazy buying everything that has written organic on it. Organic foods can fall into several categories. Some may be 100% organic, some foods are made out 50-75% organic ingredients and some with only 25% organic ingredients. So, please take a minute to read the label. Eating organic doesn’t guarantee you will lead disease free lifestyle. Buying organic also doesn’t mean no pesticides/ fertilizers were used to grow the produce, it only means biopesticides/biofertilizers were used instead! Biofertilizers/ biopesticides are those that protect both the crop as well as the environment.

5. Let not anyone tell you how much to eat. Not even the portion sizes served to you in fast food joints, restaurants etc. Let your stomach tell you whether you need more food or you are full. How will you know you will ask?  you have to observe the feeling of hungers pangs being disappeared and not feeling full to the throat because that is called overating. How about eating every 2 hours you ask? Well, no. I call it grazing like the cows do! But its okay with them as they are walking most of the day in search of food and eat only when they see a patch of grass. Whether to eat 3 meals a day or 5-6 small really depends from individual to individial. You have to find what suits you the best yourself( or simply consult a Registered Dietitian)!!

Just following these 5 easy steps you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Neat, huh? Enjoy food, enjoy your life. Don’t be afriad of food, eat what you need( not desire) because it nourishes your body!!!!

Stay happy stay healthy 🙂

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