Today’s post “Get real. Share something you’re struggling with right now.”

Well, its not right now, but something that I always struggle with is my weight! I have teased of being fat eversince I was a child. It is deep instilled in me that I am fat. It was not until 2009 when this thing hit me, although I always was concious about my weight and appearance! In 2009, I was trying to lose weight by following a diet and exercise routine, when even after 3 months I wasn’t successful, I got my thryoid check and boom! I was diagnosed with hypothyoridism and hence I was not losing weight. I don’t how many years before 2009 have I been suffering for, but that doesn’t matter. As I began my medication, my thyroid began to stabilize but my mother in law wanted me to try homeopathic medication. I do not belive in homeopathy but due to a lot of insistence, I had to stop my allopathic medication and go on homeopahty medicines. Instead of an improvement, my thyroid levels went up by  three times! What happened to my weight? of course, it increased! I was 2-3 months away from my wedding, I didn’t want to look bloated and so I went back to my allopathic medications. What followed was, adjusting my thryoid medicines to overcome the deficiency. The sad part is, although I haven’t gained any more weight. I have been struggling with reaching a stable dose of medication to reach normal thyroid levels…. So, I can say hypothyroidism and weight are the 2 things I am struggling with right now….hopeful that I will overcome them soon 🙂