I can’t believe, I have been succesful at keeping this challenge. It was a bit difficult, but I manged to do it 🙂

Me and my husband often have this conversation, that we need to slow down in life a bit and enjoy before we get old.  Then, our conversation took a turn to things we would like to do before turning old. For my husband, turning old means 30! He will turn 30 next year, but I luckily have 2.5 years. So, I came with a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish, before I turn 30.

  1. Run a 10k/ half marathon
  2. Plant a garden (Summer 2014)
  3. Learn how to Photoshop
  4. Learn Spanish (Spring 2014- ongoing)
  5. Paint good, large oil paintings that can be mounted in the house (Dec 2014- Jan 2015)
  6. Learn to paint with watercolor and finish a outdoor painting (Summer of 2015)
  7. Complete a walk for Susan Komen breast cancer awareness
  8. Be an active volunteer in an organization I am passionate about
  9. Launch a startup
  10. Become  a Mom
  11. Hike half dome, Yosemite
  12. See Ka show in Vegas (Summer 2014, enjoyed two shows Ka and Mystere)
  13. Serve a village in India
  14. Pay for a child’s education in India (2012 and 2013- Veeraytan)
  15. Take piano lessons ( Summer 2014 began online lessons)
  16. Get a job as an RD ( July 2015 as soon as I received my work permit)
  17. Read books
  18. Visit veerayatan
  19. Visit Rajasthan
  20. Go on a road trip ( We took several trips in and outside of US including short road trips to 17 mile Drive, Big Sur, LA, San Diego, Pismo, SLO etc)
  21. Lean embroidery and make cushion  cover ( Made a anchor stitch frame to be hung in my house)
  22. Own tiffany and co necklace ( Bought myself a gold pearl pendant and a gold chain during my India trip early of 2017)
  23. Set a good skincare routine
  24. Visit Newyork
  25. Master the art of meditation
  26. Create a photoframe with good pics and family pics/ create photocollage for display on wall (Got a frame with my and hubby’s good pics in 2017, need to include family pics soon)
  27. Get a professional photoshoot of me and sagar ( Got this done in 2014-2015 at the Alum Rock State Park but did not have a good experience)
  28. Visit cancun/ Hawaii!  (December 2013 visited Hawaii)
  29. Perfect “daal baati” – a popular Rajasthani dish!
  30. Join a swimming club to go for regular swims ( Joined Milpitas sports club and went swimming couple times but did not enjoy the darkening of the skin and hair texture due to chlorine water and decided to enjoy swimming while on vacation only as opposed to regular exercise form until I find a solution to hair and skin problems due to chlorinated water)

P.S: This original post was created on July 31st 2013 , edited in November of 2017