Dholi Tarro Dhol bajje!!

Last night I had been to SEF Dandiya event at the Santa Clara Convention centre with my friends. I could feel the excitement right from the place we parked upto the grounds we danced on. The moment I walked into the hall, I knew I was in for something special. It was crowded like never before, people dressed in the best of colorful traditional attires. As I walked through the crowd trying to spot some of my friends, I could not help but notice the swirling colorful ghagras, the embroidered cholis, bandhani duppatas with dazzling mirror work and the ecstatic clacks of dandiya. 

Some of them were beginners, like me, trying hard to catch up with the rhythm, missing a beat here and there but not letting their spirits down. Some whirled around  beautifully with complex and intricate steps matching perfectly with the music beats. It was truly mesmerizing to watch them dance!!

 I was so happy to be able to make it to this spectacular event and see people attached to their traditional roots in the US! Also, the ticket money that was being collected was going to be used for charity (eradicate blindness from India). A gift of vision!!

Enjoy the pics!!!

DSC04075 (2)

Aarti- Navratri Puja

DSC04107 (2)

Dance like no one is watching!

DSC04083 (2)

The gorgeous couple in traditional attire!



  1. Well composed……good job

  2. Photos were really good,Where were you?

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