Juice it up!

Juice it up!

Today, I had a late lunch because of back to back classes, and I didnt really find time to pack my lunch this morning. Obviously, I wasnt hungry in the evening! As I didnt want to sleep on an empty stomach, I made this yummy juice! It was so quick, healthy and filling, as I had the fiber too!

Carrot-apple-celery-cucumber: Blend it together in a juicer and voila! It made two glasses of nutrients packed fiber -rich juice, I drank one glass and saved one for tommorow’s breakfast!  No list of ingredients, no proportions or procedure to remember, just plain and simple!!

P.S: This post doesn’t endorse juicing/ juice fast as a way to lose weight! As a future RD, I do not approve of juicing to lose weight!


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  1. Quite short simple n sweetPs is good 🙂 my RDThanksSagar

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