Just Do It.

We all know about exercise and its benefits. These days awareness about exercise is increasing and people are trying hard to find ways to incorporate exercise in their busy schedules. I am trying hard too! Not that I have a busy schedule at the moment but I am trying hard to stick to my exercise plan. I manage to work out for an hour every day. At present my goal is to be able to run for an hour at a stretch. I have managed to build up my running from 2 min to 12 minutes continuously! (This may not sound as challenging for some of you as me, but I am pretty happy about it) 

 As I wake up and get ready for my morning walk cum run, some random thoughts cross my mind…

  • Huh? It’s already morning?
  • I slept late last night so I need to get more sleep
  • It’s pretty cold outside
  • It’s still dark
  • I can’t really see anyone on the road
  • It won’t be safe
  • My body is aching
  • I will make up for it tomorrow by running a mile more

 This happens to me a lot and may be some of you who have just started exercising. Your mind takes over your body and pulls you down from achieving your goal. Your body is able to but your mind is weak. What do you do then? Well, I’d say face it, don’t give up, fight out your mind, put on your favorite music on the i-pod and go for it!  What did I do? I pushed myself outside the house on to the street, started with a warm-up gradually increased my speed and started jogging, five minutes later all the negative thoughts escaped my mind and I started jogging with more positivity & greater stamina enjoying the cool breeze playing on my face! I could have easily given up and done my workout the next day, I did not because some days don’t go as per the plan. I then complain of not finding enough time or just give in.  In order to achieve my goal I must condition my mind and not just give up at the first hurdle, I must push myself out of the comfort zone. For a long time I was waiting for the ‘right moment’ to start exercising but soon I realized that there is nothing called as the’ right moment’. I need to Just Do It.




  1. Something I can never do 🙁
    Everyday I get up and sleep again thinking the obvious reasons you gave above..
    Lets c when can I catch up 🙂

  2. Hey Sneha I must compliment you for the blog u started. Its truly inspiring and addictive
    in a good way.Keep up the good work gal:))

  3. Mudassar: It takes you 30-40 days to form a new habit, so you will have to be committed for those many days, do not wait for the right moment,Just do it !

    Jesal: Thanks a lot for your support!

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