Kauai Day 3

We had a one of the biggest adventures planned this day. I have been on boats and cruises before but we were going to see the beautiful North Coast on a Ocean raft. I have done river rafting before and thought it was going to be similar but it was no where close. It was a super rough ride but worth the chance because it ended up being better than Day 1 and 2 considering we spent 5.5hrs on the ocean raft seeing the beautiful Hanalei Bay and Na Pali coast. Along the way I got to see so many turtles and dolphins that it was surreal. To top it all, I got to see the beautiful open ceiling caves that have been on my bucket-list. The sea caves along the Na Pali Coast are formed from the harsh wave action of the Pacific Ocean slamming into the porous lava. We are able to enter sea caves, making for a truly up close and personal experience with the Na Pali Coast. Our tour guide was telling us that in general the swells and the waves can make it difficult to enter the caves safely, and so many times they have to see it from a distance. Luckily, we entered the caves not once but twice 🙂

I will let the pictures do the talking..


Breathtaking views of the coast..


Open ceiling cave (picture from the internet for representation purpose)


Entering the caves on our raft