I just started writing blog posts again after a long hiatus. I was going over one of my old blog post titled “30 things before 30”. I managed to cross some things off the list and I am ready to cross off the one’s I haven’t had a chance to work on. There are some things on the older list that do not interest me any more.  As I  continue to grow and evolve,I have some new found interests which I plan on including as I revise my list.

Things I wish to-do before I turn 35 🙂

  1.  Walk for Susan Komen breast cancer awareness or prevent diabetes walk or the likes
  2.  One hike per month in and around Bay Area
  3.  Learn Spanish
  4. Perfect “Daal Baati”- a popular Rajasthani dish
  5. Serve a village in India/Nepal Eg: Teach for India
  6.  Visit Newyork
  7.  Perfect a headstand
  8. Set a skin-care routine
  9. Master the art of meditation and pray everyday
  10. Eat as many home cooked meals as possible
  11. Incorporate yoga in my daily routine , at least Suryanamaskar
  12. One painting (canvas or paper and big or small) a month
  13. Sell the existing artwork and fundraise for a organization I believe in
  14. Go for plays, theaters, ballets , concerts, entertainment shows, open art studios, art and wine festivals at least 1-3 times per year
  15. Practice self love, respect my body whatever shape, size and weight it may be at

I will continue to add things to this list as and when they come to my mind. Since I have this list already,  I will continue accomplish some of these things as the New year sets in. Happy 2018 everyone!